Your class was amazing!

Helena Lemos, Classical Conversations Instructor

We had Stacey come on site to the West Shore Pregnancy Center and she taught our staff and volunteers how to properly greet our clients, how to present gifts to them, and a host of other manners that have been lost in our culture. This made our organization a kinder, more confident, and stronger team. I highly recommend her personal or business course.

Amy Pider, Former Director of Client Services

Dear Mrs. Stacey, Thank you for spending your time and effort teaching us manners. It was way more useful than I thought it would be especially the day after Legislative Day. The best part of your class was that I got to make/learn new good habits. I even showed my parents what I learned. I taught them some things too! So I have decided to practice a new manner each week. I appreciate and cherish everything you taught me and when you taught us to keep a conversation that was exactly what I needed because I did not know why or how to do that. Once again thank you for the time invested in us and making the class fun!

Tamara Gonzalez, Student

One thing I really liked that you taught us is how to bring the food to our mouths and not turtle neck. Another thing is how you showed us to sit like a lady. I really liked the class and it was fun.

Beatriz Gonzalez, Student

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